Welcome to the Lightning Clubs of America. 

Our Mission Statement

The Lightning Clubs of America is dedicated to uniting electric truck enthusiasts from every corner of the nation, promoting sustainable driving experiences, and fostering a community of innovation, camaraderie, and shared passion. We are committed to driving forward the future of electric mobility, while celebrating the heritage and performance of the Ford Motor Company. Our mission is to empower our members through education, advocacy, and community service, ensuring a positive impact on society and the environment. Together, we electrify the road ahead, championing the advancement of electric vehicles and the joy of electric truck ownership

Latest Newsletter

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Current Clubs

Northeast Lightning Club

Great Lakes Lightning Club

Midwest Lightning Club

Bay Area Club

Toronto GTA Lightning Club

South Florida Lightning Club

Mid-Atlantic Lightning Club

Utah Lightning Club

San Diego Lightning Club

Sin City Lightning Club

More Clubs to be announced. 

If interested in starting your own chapter, please email us at admin@lightningclubsofamerica.org